Want to skyrocket your cash-flow,
reputation & bottom line?
Unleash the the full potential of your business - become the expert in just 1 month!
With B The Expert you can:
  • Position yourself as the go-to expert for your customers and prospects
  • Develop a high value product or service
  • Discover your right-fit client & how to focus exclusively on them
  • Build a memorable, consistent online presence
  • Create a high growth sales & marketing strategy
What your customers are saying...
45% of customers judge your credibility based on first impressions
Source: Fog et al 2003
3.42 seconds is the precise amount of time your customers spend weighing you up, based on your website content
Source: Robins & Holmes 2008
Your clients expect higher priced products and services, which increase your profile & credibility
What your competitors are doing…
74% of 'mainstream' enterprise marketers believe content-based inbound marketing will comprise the majority media mix in the near future.
Source: Econsultancy/Epsilon, September 2014
Focusing on customer experience is as important as solving their specific problems. Put on a show every single time they set foot on your website to win their loyalty, and their business.
Source: Huffington Post
Customer engagement is the Number 1 goal for 91% of content marketers. The focus on lead nurturing, lead generation and sales have seen big increases too.
Source: Content Marketing Institute, July 2015
Our own research suggests that a lot of
small business owners need a much better foundation on
which to base a successful business.
Aalok and Lucie created I Love Straight Teeth specifically to focus on high value orthodontic treatment. Focusing their marketing strategy and spend on a niche rather than on anything and everything dental-related proved highly successful for them, and allowed them to expand their business by helping position dentists as experts in their own areas, attracting more high value implant and braces patients.
B The Expert’s approach can be applied to any industry…
Through extensive networking at various events, masterminds and conferences, we receive incredible demand from small business owners who see what we have achieved in our own businesses and wonder how they can do the same. We work with financial advisors, coaches, doctors, personal trainers, practice owners, sales professionals, amongst others. We’ve combined all of our expertise and knowledge to present our clients with a powerful product: B The Expert.

Benefits of a niche website...

There are two main benefits to finding your niche and becoming an expert:

You can acquire customers more easily because you solve their very specific problem
Creating a website which provides valuable content that orbits your customers’ specific interests will instantly differentiate you from others in your field. It also makes it 10x easier for online shoppers to buy. 3.42 seconds isn’t very long to make a dazzling first impression, so use your prospects’ time wisely!
You can charge more because your products and services are so specialised
Transform your site to reflect your unique expertise, and make your customer feel that time spent on your site is a rewarding experience. In turn, your higher prices will be expected, warranted, and in no time you’ll have a profitable platform.
B The Expert sets up all your social media accounts for you…
..so you can tick that off your to-do list.
The power of books
Custom-brand your message in an easily updated, portable format, and give potential and existing clients quick access to your expertise and additional bonuses.
books also:
Aalok’s The Orthodontic Blueprint:
The Ultimate Guide On How To Build Your Automated Practice and
Lucie’s The Outsourcing Game Plan:
Grow Your Business With Virtual Teams
Who is your avatar?
Before you start selling high value, you need a clear picture of your right-fit client. Exclusivity won’t define itself just because you’ve put your prices up! Working backwards from your goals, we’ll breathe life into your ideal client, so we know exactly who we’re targeting when creating your new look.
Questions you can ask yourself when defining your avatar:
  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live, and who with, if anyone?
  • What do their current professional and personal lives look like?
  • What are their goals in life?
By getting specific during your B The Expert consultation, by not just imagining but building your ideal client from the ground up, you can use your avatar to guide the way you think, feel and go about your business. Incorporate this into your marketing, and you’ll be able to grab their attention as soon as they enter your site.

Who Are B The Expert?

Aalok Yashwant Shukla and Lucie Marchelot Shukla are a husband and wife team with kindred entrepreneurial spirits.

Aalok grew up in North England and Lucie in the South of France, and through their shared passion for creativity, and always making their contribution bigger than their rewards, they continue their journey together, developing great success along the way.

Our mission is to help ambitious entrepreneurs grow their profit and have more freedom to do what they enjoy in life, while creating digital work opportunities for talented people globally.
Aalok began his entrepreneurial career in dentistry, and Lucie in the art market, and together they grew a highly successful cosmetic dental practice, by combining their technical expertise with Lucie’s expansive knowledge and interest in creating brands.
Through using automated lifecycle marketing with Infusionsoft at I Love Straight Teeth and seeing the dramatic increase in customer enquiries, Lucie and Aalok founded Click Convert Sell (CCS), an automated marketing agency offering solution designed to help small businesses generate more enquiries and grow. The business generated a 6-figure revenue in just 12 months.
As questions continued to pour in from small business owners wondering how they could implement the same unique marketing system in their own businesses, the duo continued to expand CCS and soon saw another emerging need for excellent team members who not only help them expand by working while they slept without any overheads, but who could also work with CCS clients who were dealing with an increased workload as a result of their marketing efforts
Lucie and Aalok founded Elite Virtual Team, providing highly qualified virtual team members trained specifically to work as an integrated part of entrepreneurial teams. Elite Virtual Team’s VAs support business owners by taking away all those energy-draining activities that keep them from focusing on what really matters.
Passionate about sharing their knowledge as they grow
Lucie and Aalok have now created the UK’s Number 1 conference dedicated to accelerating entrepreneurial growth, DominateCon. Bringing together industry experts, the 2015 September conference focuses on the two main success multipliers: automation and outsourcing.

Why we are the experts...

In addition to our own extensive experience and proven success, we have teamed up with expert copywriters, editors, web developers, graphic designers, video producers and PR specialists to provide fellow entrepreneurs who are passionate about accelerating their professional and personal growth with high quality systems and processes. We have worked hard over the years to work only with the best people out there, so that you are guaranteed to end up with the best finished product.
Getting where we are today has been a real journey, with twists and turns, trial and error, and we are proud and excited to be able to share our wisdom and skills with other entrepreneurs. We aim to help others benefit from having the same spectral result in a much shorter period of time, at an affordable price with all the stress and the learning process eliminated.
The time-frame can work out as little as 1 month for the full package to be completed, depending on your availability for the consultation, the book interview and the video filming.

Who will benefit from B The Expert?

We can help if:

You’re established or starting up, and need to brand your new focus
You’re not currently concentrating on high value items
You don’t have a great brand or project the image of an expert
B The Expert combines professional and transformational consultancy with unbeatable branding to help ambitious entrepreneurs develop a high value service, product or package that will cater to their target audience and spurn growth.
B The Expert is not for you if you don’t know how to run a business or if you don’t have an entrepreneurial streak. We provide the foundation for a successful business, but once we’ve delivered, the bonus is on the entrepreneur to be proactive and execute the strategy.

Your B The Expert package will include:

3h consultation
  • - Brainstorming
  • - Refine avatar
  • - Offerings
  • - Strategy
  • - Logo
  • - Domain name for 12 months
  • - Social media branded channels (cover/profile pictures) Facebook Youtube
  • - Twitter - Google
Mini website
  • - 1 page website + blog
  • - Development, graphics and content
  • - Hosted for 12 months
  • - 50 pages book based on a 90 minutes interview with editor
  • - ISBN application
  • - Cover design
  • - Publication on Amazon
Promotional video
  • - Live recorded 90 seconds bespoke video (UK only)
  • - Or 90 seconds animated video
5 blog articles
  • - 500 words unique SEO friendly articles
  • - Including covers
  • - Published on your new website
Press release
  • - 1 press release
  • - Distributed online on journalism.co.uk
Business cards
  • - Artwork
  • - Box of 250 plastic cards sent to you

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